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Minnie Driver is head turning in Chanel 5207 sunglasses.

Taken 23/02/2012, London, UK

Chanel 5207 Blue Navy Smoke 10214c

Online Price: £277.00 (GBP)

Chanel 5207 Blue Navy Smoke 10214c
Chanel 5207 Blue Navy Smoke 10214c

In show business, those of a certain age really do have to work hard at standing out. But if you happen to have a timeless fashion style to match your film titles, you’re bound to turn some heads.

Minnie Driver is one such actress. With a flawless complexion, tumbling waves and a wide grin, the bombshell has never looked better.

But turning our heads are her Chanel 5207 sunglasses, which she wore with a decadent coat and scarf. Some of us at Sunglasses Shop who would kill for her aesthetic attribute, not to mention her designer wardrobe. But for now we’re happy to make do with her eyewear.

A seamless extension of Chanel clothing—which is a coveted roundup of classic pieces such as the LBD —they’re handcrafted and feature a temple pattern that sources inspiration from Chanel tweed jacket. There is also the interlocking double CC logo for sunglasses that look as good on the table as they do on your face.

Minnie may be dressed in white, but we sure are green with envy.

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Minnie Driver Sunglasses
Minnie Driver Sunglasses