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Presenting New Maui Jim Kolohe and Maile

Sunlight travels 93 million miles to be with you...
treat it properly

The lenses let you see your world in brilliant colour and with amazing crisp views (after all sunlight travels 93 million miles to show off a single leaf - you really don't want to miss it). Every pair has polarised lenses, enriched with three rare earth elements, to bring out colours like you've never seen. And should you ever visit Ka'anapali Beach in Hawaii, where Maui Jim began back in 1980, you'll be offered a free pair to try for the day.

Kolohe Tortoise and Antique Gold HCL Bronze H263-16C Polarised

Kolohe - Tortoise & Antique Gold Polarised


Today, in sunglasses, there's a distinct desire for fine detail...

Kolohe is based on one of Maui Jim's very early styles (back when Maui Jim was only sold on a Hawaiian beach). In bringing back such classics Maui Jim offers retro style with Maui Jim's incredible technology added. It's perfect for today.

Kolohe is of nylon and metal. The temple has that beautifully crafted filigree detail and is finished with an antique metal treatment - with contrasting nylon accents.

And Kolohe's MauiPure lens is the lightest weight choice. MauiPure is scratch- and impact-resistant and has the crispest optics next to glass.

Kolohe Gloss Black with Antique Pewter Neutral Grey 263-17C Polarised

Kolohe - Gloss Black with Antique Pewter Polarised

Maile Tortoise GS294-10L Polarised

Maile - Tortoise GS294-10L Polarised


Available in 5 colours, Maile is feminine, modern and stylish.

Anybody can wear new Maile from Maui Jim. It's simple. Elegant. The butterfly shape is softened with that flattering browline.

Maile is slender too which brings it away from the clunkier styles of the 70s and makes it really contemporary and modern.

But the MauiPure lens material really is ideal for an active lifestyle. As well as having the crispest optics next to glass, MauiPure is lightweight, and scratch- and impact-resistant.

Maile is made of finest quality acetate (which is naturally lightweight and hypoallergenic) and features a high gloss finish too.

Maile Tortoise HS294-10 Polarised

Maile - Tortoise HS294-10 Polarised

Why Maui Jim was once named in Forbes' “100 things worth every penny”...

Maui Jim technology was born in the fiercest of glare in Hawaii. Every pair is polarised, and that reflected glare (polarised light) is beaten so well you can see beneath the surface of the water if you're wearing Maui Jim. All Maui Jim are available with free delivery and free returns at Sunglasses Shop.

• Lenses are hydrophobic and oleophobic – they repel water and oil.
• Anti-reflective coating stops light bouncing back into your eye when the sun is behind you.
• Maui Jim uses three rare earth elements (neodymium, erbium, praseodymium) to boost the amount of colour your eyes naturally see. It boosts the quality too.
• Clearshell scratch-resistant coating prolongs lens life. It's on the inside and outside of the lens.
• Maui Jim squints for you... by cleverly using a bi-gradient mirror or mirror finish at the top and bottom of the lens