Boss Orange Sunglasses

Boss Orange is the younger sibling of legendary German designer brand, Hugo Boss. The beginning of the Boss family began back in 1931, with one man and just 6 sewing machines. Founder Hugo Boss became an RZM-licensed (official) supplier of uniforms to the SA, SS, NSKK and other Party organizations, resulting in his sales to increase by tenfold. A relatively short involvement in the brand he created, Hugo Boss died in 1948, but his brand lived on.
Nineteen years after the death of company’s founder, two of his grandsons, Uwe and Jochen Holy, took over the firm. The business-savvy brothers turned the company around completely, steering it into a new, more promising direction: menswear. Under the brother’s direction the Hugo Boss empire soon became renowned for its on trend, directional tailoring and brighter palettes that the traditional, regimented standard on the market. Continuing to excel and dominate the menswear market, the 80s saw Hugo Boss gain the backing of fit, strong and handsome celebrities. Action star, Sylvester Stallone and tennis hero, Bjorn Borg were walking advertisements for the brand's broad shouldered power-suits. A huge following of the stubble-cheeked cops of TV hit, Miami Vice, begun due to the actors wearing a Hugo Boss signature palette of candy pastel coloured blazers. This look was to become an iconic, frequently referenced trend of the 80s.

In 1999, Boss Orange was introduced to the Hugo Boss family, providing a more relaxed and youthful branch to the brand. Appealing to the young and metropolitan, Boss Orange became an instant success due to its quirky, bohemian designs that appealed to a care-free but fashion focused audience. In addition to the Boss Orange apparel, this year, the Boss Orange Eyewear Collection is making its debut, bringing a new level of laid back, premium style. With a contemporary attitude and a carefree “urban inspiration”, the collection reflects a young and metropolitan look in a crossover of styles, distinguished by captivating colors and distinctive details. Such details include the stylized and perforated logo, which recalls other accessories by the brand, the shaped earpieces and the original wavy shaped temples for an unconventional appeal. The classically cool designs take their cue from the cult style of the aviator and oversized shapes, interpreting them with a fashionable and contemporary twist that are made up of ultra-slim lines, faceted profiles and original cuts. The women’s Boss Orange range boasts acetate sunglasses that feature a large 1980s style shape and have an irresistible, fashion-forward vocation. The Boss Orange vintage inspired men’s sunglasses are produced in acetate and feature contemporary design detailing, highlighted by original colors, such as blue/red/white, orange/black, grey/black, as well as the forever present dark havana and black, on which the logo and monogram are clearly visible.