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Miranda Kerr perfects her daytime outfit with the Chanel 6040H featuring genuine fresh water pearls.

Taken 31/05/2013, New York, USA

Miranda Kerr is one of our favourite style icons. We love her killer daytime outfits for their perfect mix of sex appeal, functionality and elegance. We also applaud her current choice of designer sunglasses – the Chanel 6040H, which compliments her features beautifully. 

There is more to the 6040H than meets the eye, as the brow conceals 24 feshwater pearls. Coco Chanel glamorised costume jewellery in the twenties, when she created jewellery that combined faux and genuine pearls. But those found on the 6040H are genuine and formed of mother of pearl. Cultivated in Chinese streams and rivers, these freshwater pearls have a smooth and delicate texture. Each stone is shaped and polished before being individually hand applied for a luxurious finish.

Much like Miranda, Coco Chanel is known for her simple yet sophisticated outfits paired with great accessories. She believed that it’s more important to have luxury on the inside than have it displayed on the outside, which is one of the main inspirations behind the stunning 6040H and the pearls it conceals. The other is the Chanel SS2013 catwalk which was dotted with beautifully shaped opalescent stones. Who could miss those oversized pearl chokers, or the single pearls which anchored messy chignons and cuffs.  They also decorated the woollen jackets that opened the show.

If you’re looking for the perfect cat-eyed frame, the decorated 6040H is the perfect solution.

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Miranda Kerr Sunglasses
Miranda Kerr Sunglasses