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Vanessa White in Miu Miu 05NS out and about in California.

Taken 25/01/2013, California, USA

The Saturdays star Vanessa White recently told American TV that she’s a party girl but doesn’t like the hangovers. It’s all part of the band’s attempt to break America as they hit the states with a new record deal.  And they’re documenting the whole attempt in a reality TV show called Chasing The Saturdays.

It seems youngest member Vanessa, pictured here out and about in California wearing a stunning pair of Miu Miu sunglasses, is being portrayed as the fun one.  During a TV interview Vanessa says she loves going out and being and the party girl, while the other girls stick to talk about work and family.

During the second installment of the reality show, Vanessa also became the centre of attention when arguing between her and her boyfriend affected shooting for the band’s first US single.  So with hangovers and tears perhaps there’s more than bright sunlight behind the wearing of those Miu Miu lenses for Vanessa.

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Vanessa White Sunglasses
Vanessa White Sunglasses