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The immaculate Victoria Beckham keeps it in house.

Taken 05/12/2012,

Victoria Beckham is already sporting next season’s most covetable clothes and has the perfect sunglasses to match. She has been quick off the mark not just because she’s a real fashionista but it’s all from her own collection; she has had it on the rail for months already.

That skirt and clutch cut with that striking lattice detail and that tailored and tiered top will make its mark next season there's no doubt. Her eyewear is already setting the trends too. The Feminine Square, a personal favourite from the collection provides the finishing touch as it does for so many of her looks these days. These sunglasses currently share Victoria's face-time with another of her staples the Cutler and Gross 0811. 

A softly squared handmade acetate frame with luscious sculpture, the Feminine Square works a distinctive beveled brow adding an authentic retro slant to the classic oversized look. It’s safe to say that Victoria Beckham cares about the details. Her beloved rose gold Rolex picks up on the blushed gold that dresses the temples of these ultra luxe frames. 

Victoria Beckham’s sunglasses have received as much attention as her acclaimed fashion. Maintaining the high quality and sophistication of her covetted ready to wear and luggage they are handmade in the Cutler and Gross factory in Cadore Italy, the heart of the eyewear industry.

Invest in your style with sunglasses that will make a lasting impression on your wardrobe this season, the next and beyond. 

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Victoria Beckham Sunglasses
Victoria Beckham Sunglasses