CK Sunglasses

American brand was founded in 1968, legend has it that its was down to luck (some might say fate) that a year after his store opened in the York hotel, New York city, a buyer got off the elevator on the wrong floor and accidentally placed an order of 50,000 dollars. This was the start of big things for and his philosophy to design products that were minimal, clean, sophisticated, sexy and modern, was adored by many.

In 1971, sportswear, lingerie and classic blazers were introduced to his womenswear collections and by 1973 he was awarded the Coty Award. It was in 1977 he ventured into menswear and introduced accessories to his collections and this is when his eyewear range took off. Not only had he conquered all aspects of fashion, it was in 1978 that he began a denim craze in the form of designer jeans with his name on the back pocket. was unstoppable and the business flourished in the 1980's as the designer jeans craze was doing better than ever. With this success underwear had also grown in demand with a highly successful line of boxer shorts for women and equally successful men's underwear collection.

It was by the early 1990s that was on the brink of bankruptcy but managed to come out on top when he launched a sportswear line, which was highly successful. The 1990s was known for sports inspired, minimal clothing and flourished once again and was named 'America's Best Designer'.

is the bridge collection for and offers a great collection of men and womens sportswear and accessories. eyewear is provocatively inspired for individuals who possess unique insight. sunglasses boast innovative structures with soft-sculpted shapes with hard line fluidity and ensures technological sophistication. These great sunnies appeal to individuals seeking fun, youthful and contemporary eyewear, who follow fashion. sunglasses offer a fresh and comfortable look and up the style stakes every time.