Dunhill Sunglasses

The first Dunhill collection “Motorities” grew from the demand for automobile accessories.  It incorporated goggles, overcoats, car horns and lamps in fact ‘everything but the motor’ as the slogan told us.

It’s all for the quintessential gentlemanly type and from those beginnings in 1893, when he took over his father’s saddlery business, Albert Dunhill has given us timepieces, lighters, menswear and fragrances too.

And there was also windshield pipe, designed solely to make smoking whilst driving or cycling that bit easier.  This saw Dunhill open a pipe, cigar and tobacco store for the gentlemen of St James’s.  That was 1907.

Since those beginnings we’ve seen a bespoke lighter for Sean Connery’s James Bond, fragrances and Dunhill sunglasses.  There is also the famous Dunhill White Spot pipe range and the Unique Lighter – a revolutionary first of its kind that could be operated with one hand.

The ‘homes’ of Dunhill are retail emporiums for gentlemen, featuring wine cellars and where the customer can have a bespoke suit tailored, relax in a spa, have a haircut or see a screening.  It’s where the customers can live the Dunhill brand.

What's in Dunhill sunglasses?

Dunhill has long been regarded as a mark of excellence in luxury goods and the designer sunglasses from Dunhill carry this through.  Attention to detail, classic styling for the exclusive gentleman, Celebs turn to Dunhill sunglasses for that mark of excellence, quality craftsmanship that you only find in impeccable taste.