Ed Hardy Sunglasses

Ed Hardy the brand immortalises the work of Ed Hardy the tattoo legend. Christian Audiger worked with Ed Hardy to produce a range of urban-inspired clothing and accessories that pack a punch in the style stakes. Since its launch in 2004, Ed Hardy has reaped global success with its unique mix of masculine prints and outrageous embellishments.

World renowned tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy is widely considered to be one of the pioneers of the modern tattoo. Studying under Sailor Jerry, a man described as a 'class-A pirate' and the figurehead of a million bottles of Sailor Jerry rum, Hardy developed his unique tattoo style of large, ornate pieces that are now recognized worldwide.

After studying for a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a focus on printmaking, Hardy left America to learn tattooing in Japan with Horihide, a Japanese classical tattoo master widely regarded as the pioneer that spread Japanese tattooing after World War Two. Horihide specialises in vast, intricate full body designs and Hardy incorporated the Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his tattooing when he returned to America.

A chance meeting between fashion icon Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy led to a creative partnership that bore fruit in 2004 when Audigier licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line. The clothing range is based on a lifetime of imagery from Hardy and, by placing the brand's focus on artwork from the 20th century, Ed Hardy's fashion range has already been called a timeless entry into the classics of fashion.

Typical Ed Hardy sunglasses feature delicately traced figures set to a backdrop of multicolour cascades and diamante dioramas with a piece of Hardy tattoo art on the arms of every pair. Specific frames in the Ed Hardy sunglass collection have denim and embroidery carefully crafted onto the arm; a technique as pioneering as Ed Hardy himself.

Ed Hardy's career blossomed through his tattoo art but his passions also lie with fine art, particularly printmaking, drawing and painting. Ed Hardy's exposure as a published tattoo artist cemented his profile – Ed Hardy and his wife released the magazine series Tattootime which covered tattoo art ranging from new tribalism styles to the history of tattoo magic. The artistic spirit of Ed Hardy is prevalent throughout their products – even the cases and complimentary cloth display elements of Ed Hardy's work and complete the Ed Hardy experience.

Ever the pioneer, rather than advertise the Ed Hardy sunglasses range through the usual means, Ed Hardy was marketed with meticulously planned guerilla tactics. By carefully placing Ed Hardy products on celebrities who live in the tabloid spotlight, awareness of Ed Hardy increased through innovative marketing techniques and the brand became sought after by an elite clique of celebrities which only served to increase Ed Hardy's popularity.

A true creative pioneer, Ed Hardy sunglasses will make their mark as much as Ed himself has.