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Your unexpected winter Oakley accessory

Our Oakley ambassador rocks new season style


With winter rolling around the corner it can be all too easy to put all of summer’s favourite styles in storage. However, our Oakley ambassador, lifestyle blogger Joey London, proves that when it comes to sunglasses, it still pays to rock them in the new season. From keeping your look fresh and cool to the more practical side of protecting your eyes from harmful rays, Joey sure does make a good case for keeping a pair of classic Oakley shades close to hand.


The versatile shape and colourways of Oakley shades make them the perfect tool to express your individuality. So whether you’re spending the weekend cycling through the country or enjoying brunch with friends, you know your style is covered.


And as we all know that the UVA, UVB and UVC rays can still pass through clouds, make sure you’re keeping your eyes protected like Joey. The Holbrook and Frogskins™ are known to block the sun’s harmful rays and blue light, whilst maintaining sharp and clear vision.

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