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Meet the new Sunglasses Shop Ray-Ban® Ambassadors


They say that life is about the journey and not the destination, and there couldn’t be a better description of Ray-Ban®. At its core, Ray-Ban® represents authentic individuals, unafraid to be themselves by following their dreams and passions. So we’re excited to introduce our newest Ray-Ban® ambassadors, blogger Charlotte Hole, and musician Max Taylor-Stafford. Their love of travelling and discovering new places speak to the Ray-Ban® heritage and spirit.

Like that excited, jittery feeling you get before a big trip, the start of this Ray-Ban® journey sees Charlotte and Max prepare to jumpstart their next adventure in style. Iconic silhouettes like the Ray-Ban® General, the Ray-Ban® Blaze, and the on-trend Ray-Ban® Oval have cool details such as mirrored lenses that are perfect accessories for such an exciting voyage.

Ray-Ban® has remained genuine since 1937, by making their own rules and continuingly reinventing modern style. In the same way, our new ambassadors continue to show their authenticity that has garnered them a loyal following. Throughout spring, summer and winter, we’ll follow Charlotte and Max on different stops along the way. Expect to see a lot more of this fearless duo in the coming months!

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Ray-Ban® General
Ray-Ban RB3561 Gold 001 57mm Shop now

Ray-Ban® Oval
Ray-Ban RB3547N Gold 001-Z2 48mm Shop now

Ray-Ban® Blaze
Ray-Ban RB3574N Blaze Silver 003/30 59mm Shop now

Ray-Ban® Oval
Ray-Ban RB3547N Gold 001/93 48mm Shop now
Ray-Ban Erika
Ray-Ban Erika RB4171 Matte Black 622/8G 54mm Shop now

Ray-Ban® Round Metal
Ray-Ban RB3447 Arista 001 53mm Shop now