Dirty Harry

An icon never dates and Clint Eastwood's sophistication and class is a superb example of this rule. In Dirty Harry, the first and favourite in the series of five movies to feature the Inspector that plays dirty but does the business, Clint wears one of the first wrap styles, the Ray-Ban 4089 Balorama.

Throughout his stunning career Clint Eastwood has produced some iconic cinema in roles such as Blondie in the ground-breaking Sergio Leone masterpiece, The Good the Bad and The Ugly, to calling the shots himself as director in Mystic River and the Million Dollar Baby.

Clint just separates the men from the boys with his timeless super coolness and the Ray-Ban Balorama with its modern verve for Inspector Harry Callahan is the perfect accessory. Dirty Harry and the Balorama is certainly one of the movies that gave sunnies that cool baddass rep. One of the first great actors to really make good as a director, Eastwood is still at it in his ninth decade. The Balorama has also still got it over forty years since its release.

4089 Balorama Black 601/58 Polarised

Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry 1971, Clint Eastwood stars in Dirty Harry
Photo by Everett Collection/Rex Features


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