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Polarised Sunglasses

So What Do Polarised Lenses Actually Do?

Polarised lenses beat bright glare better than any normal sunglasses lens. And this is how it works. Light from reflected surfaces is glare.  And it enters eyes at different angles to normal light.  It’s horizontal light. However, a polarised lens will only allow in vertical light. This blocking makes for a much more comfortable sunglasses experience.  And it's become so relevant that even high fashion brands such as Chanel and Bulgari now include polarised lenses in their collections.

Tests show that drivers stop quicker when wearing polarised lenses and when faced with a sudden obstacle. The same tests also saw people wearing no sunglasses at all stopping quicker than those wearing regular sunglasses lenses. So polarised lenses are perfect in traffic, and snow and near water - all where the intensity of reflected sunshine is the greatest.

Look for the letter 'P' or the word 'polarised' on one lens. The exception is Maui Jim's high quality lenses.  These are all polarised as standard. Try a polarised lens. The difference is amazing.

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