Gucci Goggles

Guccio Gucci is the original creative mind behind this luxury brand. An immigrant in Paris and London, it was on his travels that he worked in exclusive hotels and it was here that he first became inspired. A young Gucci was so impressed by the luxurious luggage that the sophisticated guests brought with them, that he returned to his home town of Florence and opened his first shop in 1920. Selling fine leather goods with timeless styling, his products were a hit and with his three sons they expanded the business to Milan and Rome.

Gucci's sons Aldo and Rodolfo expanded the business even further and took their brand to the Big Apple. Gucci soon became a Hollywood favourite in the 1950s with film stars such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy who each donned the Italian brand's designs. Movie stars would often be seen graced across the front cover of magazines in Gucci clothing and accessories, this contributed to the global phenomenon that Gucci became.

Gucci flourished in the 1970s but took a nose dive in the 1980s due to Gucci family feuds that resulted in the business being sold. Taken over by investors, they hired Dawn Mello in 1989 to re-establish Gucci's reputation. Mello couldn't do this alone and in 1990 hired Tom Ford. Adding his ‘Midas touch’, Ford brought back the brand’s reputation for being unique and luxe. Gucci is now the brand of choice for many A-Listers.

Gucci‘s exploration of the goggle world started in 2009, as an offshoot to an offshoot. Gucci’s microsite Gucci Eyeweb is young and dynamic, and creates lines for the digital generation. It soon expanded its expression with ski goggles.

Stretching its wealth up into the mountains, Gucci’s Goggles are one of the Italian brand’s sports-luxe creations. It’s not a beautiful gown designed where the alpine air is at its freshest, or a handbag gently created with the wonderful scenery as inspiration. What we have here is a snow goggle; a bona fide ski goggle from one of the world’s biggest names in fashion.

The Gucci goggle double lenses are perfectly parallel and their Seal Ring technology stops distortions and fogging. There’s total protection against UV rays and the 1653 is equipped with a soft internal lining for maximum comfort. It may be in the form of a luxe, Gucci accessory, but what else would you expect from a goggle? The goggles also feature the traditional Gucci striped colours on the Gucci-flag headband of green-red-green or blue-red-blue. And so that everyone can see your of good taste, there’s the Gucci logo-plaque on the crown.

It’s straight from the runway to the slopes with Gucci Goggles