Denzel Washington and Oakley Inmate star in The Book of Eli

Denzel Washington wears Oakley Inmate sunglasses in The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli stars Oscar-winning Denzel Washington as the character role Eli, a lone hero who fights his way across America to protect a sacred book that holds the secret to saving mankind.

The official movie trailer sees him making his way across an apocalyptic wasteland dressed in militant casual wear and a pair of Oakley Inmate shades. Talk about making an entrance! The 54 year old can also be seen wearing Inmate sunglasses on the theatrical release poster or alternatively, you can see Oakley Inmates on the big-screen this Friday.

Inmate translates as an individual that has been locked away in confinement, but don''t be fooled, Inmate is quite the opposite and refuses to be caged away or take orders. Period. These sunglasses are influenced by the classic aviator style but with a whole lot more attitude and technology. They have a large square shaped frame with a double brow piece that conjoins both lenses together. The thin wire arm features an Oakley logo in the form of a single O making these sunglasses instantly recognisable. If you love sports style sunglasses then you''ll love Inmate.

Oakley Plutonite lens material provides ultimate coverage and effectively protects eye by combating 100 percent of UV rays, including UVA, UVB and UVC, as well as blue light for up to 400 nanometres, which is equally severe.

The alloy frame is made from lightweight C-5 alloy, which is extremely light, for absolute comfort. A Three-Point-Fit combined with Unobtainium nose and ear pieces ensure your sunglasses won''t slip off, which also increased grip with sweat.

Optimised peripheral vision and side protection is great for those who wear sunglasses while taking part in extreme sports, or if your an action-hero like Denzel Washington, which allows you to see everything that is going on from all points of view.

Inmate comes with a polarised lens option that Sunglasses Shop recommends you check out before making your final purchase. Are you sick of annoying glare that rebounds off of shiny surface metal'' Then Oakley Inmate Brushed Chrome Polarised or Oakley Inmate Polished Black Polarised (above) is the right lens for you! As all Oakley polarised sunglasses cut through glare.

Oakley Inmate may be no stranger to Sunglasses Shop online, but it''s packed with up-to-the-minute styling and technology, and is now its set for its best performances yet, on the big-screen.

The Book of Eli is released in UK cinemas on 15 January 2010.

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