Ray-Ban Strike Back

Sky's adrenaline-fuelled, military-inspired Strike Back: Project Dawn first series is over, and already at Sunglasses Shop we miss seeing the fantastic Ray-Ban 8305 Carbon Lite and Ray-Ban 8037 sunglasses in action.

The show itself is unashamedly macho and explosive, meaning main heroes Sergeant Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) must be kitted out with some supremely tough sunglasses. This is where the excellent and sunglasses are both in their own element.

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Packed with technology, the and the push the boundaries of material technology and are extremely durable, making them both ideal for when the going gets really tough.

Twinned with much of the same cutting-edge technology, the main difference lies in the styling of these two frames. The 8305 takes the form of a rimless frame, with a stripped appearance that is both fashionable and sturdy.

Based on the renowned Aviator frame shape, the 8307 is still every bit as cutting-edge as the 8305 and features a more prominent Ray-Ban logo on the temple.

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Both the and the house the highly-advanced wrap temples in their differing frame shapes. The water-cut carbon sheet that features in the wrap temples is made up of seven layers, five of which are a fusion of carbon and resin.

Not content with just that, the lenses in both these hardcore frames are unbelievably tough. These lenses can withstand a 5/8 inch steel ball dropped from a height of 50 inches, meaning these lenses won't shatter very easily.

Hydro-oleophobic coating also ensures water droplets don't stick to the lenses and disrupt your vision, and the lenses protect offer 100% UV protection.

Undoubtedly brilliant, both the and the are great for the everyday grind, but should things take a dramatic turn and life get that bit tougher, both these pairs of no-nonsense sunnies are up to the job.

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