Poppy the Star​

Poppy Delevingne is a professional socialite. The socialite lifestyle looks easy to the outside observer but in reality requires constantly reinventing yourself to keep up with the latest trends. Poppy's always on the hottest fringes on fashion so it seems she's doing something right – she's pictured in Look magazine wearing the Prada Baroque 27NS in brown.

Teaming the brown frame with bleached blonde hair and a monochrome ensemble, Poppy looks exactly the fashionista/socialite/model she is. Her sister Cara Delevingne is a favourite of Chanel's head designer Karl Lagerfeld and has walked the runway for Chanel - so fashion runs in the family and Poppy has a direct line to the sharpest cutting edge of fashion trends.

The Prada Baroque range was one of the most popular of 2011 – Prada had planned for the range to be nothing more than a show piece but the elegant style of the arm detail was exactly what the fashion eyewear world wanted. Prada updated the Baroque range with new colours and the 27Ns is still popular two seasons on from its release.

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