Lucky Brand Sunglasses

Lucky Brand sunglasses don't leave room for pale imitations. Starting out with a recognisable vintage shape, each frame from the Lucky Brand collection is updated with a more modern style that keeps the sunglasses feeling fresh and youthful.

Starting out as a manufacturer of denim, Lucky Brand know that jeans are much more than items of clothing. Lucky Brand's four leaf clover logo reveals how much Lucky Brand upholds the importance of being iconic. Lucky Brand understand how clothing can rise above its humble roots and become icons themselves.

Jeans are an American icon with a rich heritage. Lucky Brand took inspiration from the authentic, all-American spirit of denim and designed a range of eyewear that mirrors the creativity behind denim. Vintage personalities, comfortable fits and playful details helped Lucky Brand forge a reputation in denim and the eyewear follows the same traditions of quality and authenticity.

Lucky Brand sunglasses cater for all kinds of tastes, featuring both matte and glossy finishes to cater for a whole spectrum of personalities. When you think of denim, you think of a whole spectrum of characters - the rugged all-American working class hero; the free-spirited Californian dreamer; the whisky-stained denim of the rock'n'roll band. Freedom is imperative - if denim isn't limited, then why should sunglasses be?