Chanel's Metiers D'Art Pays Homage to The House's Scottish Connection

Chanel paid homage to a love affair with Scotland on Tuesday night at its annual Metiers D’Art Show this year held in Linlithgow Palace, Edinburgh. Tweed is a must for on trend style this season with more than a little help from from Chanel's current collection. But Chanel is not just responsible for the current tweed trend, Gabrielle Chanel is the reason we are wearing tweed at all out of the countryside. And it was Gabrielle Chanel’s time in Scotland in the 1920s spent hunting, shooting and fishing with her then lover the Duke of Westminster that she fell in love with the tartan, tweed and cashmere that we don't think twice about donning in the office, in the city, at weddings or nights out. 

Chanel loved the roughness and the imperfections of tweed and despite complaints from her ateliers about its quality they were charged with working with turning the fabric into fashion and still do. Via Chanel's interpretations, the tweed suit for one, tweed, tartan and Fair Isle knits were redefined as chic.

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Linlithgow Palace was built in the early 1500s and was birthplace to Mary Queen of Scots. Karl Lagerfeld harnessed what he called the 'rough romance' of the palace by installing a glass roof over the ruined building. Fire pits crackled on the scene and Chanel blankets were on hand for some 350 guests.

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The Metiers D’Art show is designed to showcase the talents of the esteemed Chanel owned ateliers that work on the house’s coveted wares such as Lesage and the recently acquired Scots atelier Barrie Knitwear. For the pre collection, the familiar territory of tweed and tartan were given yet more fresh edge and Scottish heritage was given a special focus. As well as trendy oversized coats, the eclectic layering of weaves, tartans and knits, reference to Scotland’s highland dress with big pussy bows, mini sporrans and ghillie shoes not to mention Elizabethan shapes and detail wowed the guests. Sam McKnight's Elizabethan hair styling came off punky with feathers, camellia corsages and jewels. Scot Stella Tennant and Cara Delivigne were amongst those who modelled clothes with breathtaking detail. The collection showed a heavy dose of the masculine swagger that Chanel herself displayed with her experimental wardrobe that would change the way women dressed.

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Chanel’s latest Prestige eyewear collection takes authentic Chanel tweed and infuses it with acetate at high temperatures to create unique frames that are pure Chanel. Pieces are hand finished with any excess removed by hand. Inspired by the Boy Chanel bag collection the metal logo at the temples refer to a hunter's cartridge case Chanel would use as a handbag, a gift from another key relationship that the designer would have; Arthur 'Boy' Capel. Celebrate tweed and its liberator Chanel in style. 

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