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Stella McCartney topped the list for most searched for fashion brand on the internet for 2012 in the annual list compiled by Google Zeitgeist. Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld came in at second place. Versace came in at fifth and Burberry ninth according to Vogue. 

When it came to the movies Skyfall came out on top, a good deal of that from people looking for those Tom Ford Marko sunglasses no doubt.

Stella has indeed had a stellar year. She was honoured with a triumphant win at the British Fashion Awards which saw her take Designer of the Year and Designer Brand of the Year. 

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As well as creating the Olympic Team GB kit and strong runway collections, opening new boutiques, designing childrenswear and lingerie lines, she has been creating more fine sunglasses that boast the same eco credentials as her fashion. 

Who Has Been Wearing Stella McCartney Sunglasses?

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