Arnette At 20

Few names command the respect in the action sports community like Arnette. Now entering their 20th year, the Orange County creatives continue to produce high-tech designer sunglasses. And the best news is, their exuberant attitude still defines their latest collection.

Ignoring any pair of Arnette sunglasses just isn't an option. Don't believe us? Cast your eyes over the sleek form of the Arnette Feel Good, or the imposing Arnette Glory Daze square Aviator. These shades command instant respect. It's no small wonder skate superstars like Pat Duffy and Mark Appleyard don Arnette shades when they're throwing down. After all, Arnette is a brand that continues to blaze a trail through areas others fear to tread.

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It's not just Arnette sunglasses that continue to make a sizeable impression on the action sports community. Away from the streets, Arnette Goggles dominate the mountain too. With it's dual vented lexan lens and F3 anti-fog technology, the Arnette Mercenary is a backcountry wanderer's dream.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Arnette has also relaunched the Catfish, their very first sunglass. Here's to another season of high-tech eyewear...

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