Fighter Jet Goggles

Way back in 1997, Oakley stumbled across an idea. They sought to create snow goggles with a display similar to that seen in fighter jets. Fast forward a full fifteen years, and Oakley has done the impossible and made this a reality. The Oakley Airwave takes Oakley's renowned eyewear tech and combines it with a whole host of new electronic features.

It's almost unfathomable what the Oakley Airwave can do out there. Even in the most remote backcountry, you'll be able to access emails and text messages. Using smartphone connectivity and it's heads-up display developed by Recon, it simply beams them onto the lens. So nothing important will pass you by while you're out there.

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Should you want to leave it all behind and simply shred, the Oakley Airwave has that covered too. As well as being backed up with a Plutonite lens that cuts through distortion, it has more gadgets tucked away. For a start, it allows you to select music from your playlists to get you in the mood.

Tracking your statistics is easy too. The crisp display records your speed as you descend, and jump Analytics are on hand to track how high and far you jump. It'll even work out your air time.

In fact, the Oakley Airwave brings you a staggering amount of data about your surroundings. These skiing goggles can gauge temperature and how high up you are. The software locates your friends and local landmarks on the mountain too. An app to accompany the software will be available on both Android and iPhone operating systems.

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