adidas Makes Hell Bearable

Six celebrities rowing a 100 kilometres down through croc-infested rapids... Yes, it can only mean one thing-- Comic Relief is back for 2013. This year Chelsee Healey, Dara O'Briain, Greg James, Jack Dee, Mel C and Phillips Idowu all took on the might of the Zambezi in Zambia. Their cause? To raise over £1 million to send Zambian children to school.

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Luckily, adidas eyewear was also behind them all the way. They even went as far as sending the six celebs a pair of adidas sunglasses each to cut out the glare and highlight the way ahead. This wasn't exactly a relaxing paddle either. As well as having to contend with crocodiles, the celebs also faced deadly currents, waterfalls and hippos en route to completing the gruelling challenge.

Beginning at Sekoma Island on 28th January, they eventually finished the challenge beyond the famous Victoria Falls five days later on 1st February. Their daring adventure saw a few some incidents along the way too. On the second day, organisers lost communication with Adidas athlete Phillips Idowu and Dara O'Briain after they took a wrong turn. Mel C and Jack Dee were also briefly stuck under their canoe after it capsized.

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