Kekoa Drops In

Since it surfaced in The Amazing Spider-Man, the Maui Jim Kekoa has been one of the most highly sought-after frames out there. Eager to get our hands on these high-tech Maui Jim sunglasses, we lassoed a few pairs for our store. Now, the Kekoa has dropped onto our virtual shelves too.

Web-clad lenses draw instant attention to the semi-rimless frame. You won't see this webbing when you don the Maui Jim Kekoa either, so your vision remains uninterrupted. Hidden within these clever lenses is Maui Jim's PolarisedPlus 2 Technology. It's purpose is simple. Wipe out 99.9 per cent of glare, giving you to power to see the world in all of it's distortion-free glory.

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Eye fatigue is also reduced and contrast is heightened by these lenses for a sharper view. Excellent for whatever you've got planned-- even if those plans involve navigating your way around the tops of skyscrapers at blistering speeds.

The entangled web design continues into grilamid stems, which also come with some tech of their own. As well as being light and tough, they offer a comfortable fit to keep your sunnies where they should be. There will simply never be a pair of designer sunglasses quite like the Maui Jim Kekoa. Once they're gone, they're gone...