None The Wiser Sunglasses

From the moment None The Wiser began life in 2012, they caused a stir. Within two weeks of the Australian designer bursting onto the scene, their entire collection sold out. This is testament to the unique approach None The Wiser brings to the high-end eyewear industry.

The brand's philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: "Where everything old is new again". And this ethos doesn't just apply to their retro sunnies. It also reflects their stance on the environment. None The Wiser outright refuses to use wood, which is often acquired through deforestation. Instead, they harness bamboo for use in their sunglasses. This sustainable solution allows them to keep bringing you stylish eyewear without harming the planet.

Bamboo isn't the only carefully sourced material to appear in None The Wiser sunglasses. Spring hinges crafted from German steel and Italian Mazzucchelli acetate also feature in None The Wiser frames. After all, luxurious quality is just as important as sleek styling. None The Wiser also excel where lens technology is concerned too. Their CR39 lenses, maintaining clarity and protecting your eyes from 100 per cent of UV Rays.

Internationally, None The Wiser has been an overnight success. But the brand hasn't forgotten their Melbourne roots. In fact, that localised feel is an integral part of the brand's identity. Each frame in the collection is named after an iconic street in Melbourne. And to reflect those unique surroundings, each sunglass has a truly authentic appeal to match.