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Oakley pioneered sports sunglasses in 1984 with Eyeshades. Its amazing lightweight frame gave sharp views and a comfortable fit. Greg LeMond relied on them as he won the 1986 Tour de France.

And today Oakley creates some of the best engineered sunglasses on the planet... Unobtainium increases grip, Plutonite gives distortion free vision and get lightweight O-Matter frame material. Oakley are a blend of over 600 patents. From pin hinge to lens axis, Oakley is where physics meets art.

XYZ optics means that the correct angle of light is maintained horizontally, diagonally and vertically across the whole lens. It's tech that Oakley owns. It cannot be copied. And Plutonite is polycarbonate mixed with a secret ingredient to increase its clarity. It's only manufactured for Oakley.

It was 1975. 'Mad scientist' Jim Jannard created the Oakley Grip made from a unique material called Unobtainium. It increased grip with perspiration and became an instant hit with motocross riders.

"It's tech that Oakley owns. It cannot be copied."

Then came Oakley O-Frame. These motocross goggles introduced impact-resistant Lexan lenses. And these lenses maintained a perfect arc for unrivalled views.

Super curved lenses arrived with Oakley M Frame sunglasses in 1989. They extended peripheral vision (without distortion). ThenSub Zeros... weighing just 0.69 ounces. And featuring new, Plutonite lenses. Purer than standard polycarbonate Plutonite offered amazing views.

More recently came SwitchLock. Lift the lever. Remove the lenses. Switchlock makes swapping lenses easy and fast.

And so the list goes on. But it's always incredible tech, all-day comfort and includes Oakley's Three Point Fit that touches the head in just three places.

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Oakley Garage Rock

Oakley Garage Rock is Oakley eyewear innovation wrapped up in a retro style. The combination is something especially hard to find. The Garage Rock temple is based on electric guitar details and the frame is an iconic retro shape with those instantly recognisable tapered arms.

The O Matter frame is lightweight, comfortable all day and durable, while the three-Point Fit holds lenses in precise alignment and touches your head in just three places. This reduces the usual pressure and discomfort from sunglasses. A 6 base lens curvature makes Garage Rock ideal for prescription wearers and Oakley's Plutonite lens material filters out 100% of harmful UV rays, and blue light up to 400 nm.

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