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Oakley Bottle Rocket

Take some inspirational styling. Fuse it together with high-tech innovation and add in some durability. That's exactly what Oakley has done with the Oakley Bottle Rocket. These red-hot Oakley sunglasses are so fresh, they blew us away instantly.

The competition simply can't keep up with you when you have the Bottle Rocket in your armoury. Oakley has ensured this is the case because their Plutonite lenses contain High Definition Optics (HDO). Saying it's advanced simply doesn't do this tech justice. HDO is built into the lens, allowing your vision to remain crisp and clear in even the most varied lighting conditions.

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Lenses that have cutting edge technology are one thing. But the frame that carries them needs to be just as clever. It just wouldn't be an Oakley sunglass without this box being ticked. So how has Oakley done this? By crafting the frame from O-Matter. This material is extremely light to maximise comfort, but it's tough too. These shades are certainly built to last.

Oakley are well out in front when it comes down to optional extras. Should polarised lenses float your boat, then Oakley has it covered. Oakley claims that their polarised lenses are "the best on the planet". Since they destroy 99 per cent of glare, we find it hard to disagree. The also has extra spice added in the form of Iridium coating, which precisely tunes light transmission and destroys even more glare.

Oakley Bottle Rocket sunglasses are always reliable. And we mean always. It doesn't matter whether you're scaling a mountain or taking a stroll through the streets. These Oakley sunglasses will keep up with the pace you set with razor-sharp style.

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