C Wire

Super slim line, Oakley's C Wire allows you to enjoy minimal style and high tech synonymous with the brand. Rectangular lenses make this one really easy to wear. The style flatters most face shapes. What it has in style, it matches in substance.

The C-Wire might be one of Oakley’s most slim line and minimal frames yet but it is still crammed with as much of that groundbreaking tech that we would expect from Oakley. Oakley goes that extra mile to create the most high performance eyewear on the planet. High performance Titanium Mono Shock hinges hyper flex when any turbulence comes your way. Ultra lightweight, the C-Wire is created from Oakleys C-5 alloy. This alloy is conceived of no less than five metal compounds. Not only light weight it is also durable and big on comfort.

Oakley C Wire

Hook style temples are replaced with a straight wrap style stems. Oakley’s patented Unobtainium earsocks provide comfort and a secure fit. What’s more ear socks are also hydrophilic so they keep that grip when you work up a sweat all the more.

An 8.75 base lens curve gives you protection over the curve of your eye and excellent side vision. The brands XYZ optics maintains clarity throughout the periphery. Plutonite lenses are standard and give you 100% protection from UVA/UVB/UVC rays and harmful light up to 400nm. Take it to the next level with polarized lenses. Oakley’s HD polarized lenses eliminate 99% of reflected glare.

At the temple integrated Metal Icon accents mark the authenticity of your superb shades.

Thanks to Oakley there is no need to let style slide when you choose a high performance frame.

And it’s not just those that lead a high octane sports fueled existence. The C-Wire’s stunning features make everyday dealings such a pleasure that you will never look back.

Oakley really is a world class brand. Oakley sunglasses are the number one choice for those for whom performance is premium. Sports stars at the top of their game would not consider competing with anything less than Oakley. Shaun White and Rory McIlroy are just two of the major sportsmen that swear by Oakley.

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