Norden The Brave

Triumphing out of adversity is something Lisa Norden has become adept at. She just doesn't seem to have any luck. On the eve of the ITU World Triathlon Series grand final in Auckland on 20th October, Norden was struck down with severe food poisoning. Her dreams of becoming world champion were all but over. Only, they weren't.

In true Hollywood style, Norden mounted a Lazarus-style comeback on the day to become the world champion. "I could not stop throwing up," she revealed. "At 4:30 am, I took a taxi to the hospital and got an anti-nausea injection. I tried to recover as good as I could." After discharging herself from hospital on the morning of the competition, Norden grabbed her Oakley sunglasses and headed for the start line.

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Merely turning up wasn't enough though. Norden still needed to finish ahead of Erin Densham to take the world title. However, Densham was unfortunately forced to retire after being struck down by illness herself. This meant a top-six finish would suffice for the beleaguered Swede. Undeterred, Norden battled to fourth place behind Barbara Riveros Dias, Gwen Jorgensen and Anne Haug to lift the ITU World Triathlon Series.

Upon finishing, Norden collapsed as the scale of her achievement sunk in. Amid the drama, Oakley star Javier Gomez brilliance in the elite men's final the following day. Gomez held off Jonny Brownlee to claim victory in the Auckland event. However, Brownlee's second place was enough to hand him the World Triathlon Series title.

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