Rory's Late Show

Okay, so we're just about picking our jaws back off the ground following Europe's Ryder Cup victory. It was a comeback of monumental proportions as Europe fought back from 10-6 down to take the win. But it could've been an entirely different story had it not been for one police officer.

Lombard deputy chief of police Pat Rollins escorted Rory McIlroy to the Medinah course on the final Sunday. McIlroy was in real danger of missing his tee-off time. However, the world number one was saved by Rollins, and he made it to Medinah with ten minutes to spare.

The Northern Irish pro mistakenly believed he was teeing off 12:25 pm Eastern Standard Time, so he hadn't left his hotel. In actual fact, he was set to tee-off an hour earlier at 12:25 pm Central Standard Time. An hour earlier than he thought.

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PGA official Erica Stoll was the first to notice McIlroy hadn't arrived. A thorough search of the course Medinah then confirmed that the Oakley hero wasn't anywhere to be seen. Luckily, Rollins rushed to pick McIlroy up at 11:52 am and rushed him through the busy traffic. From there, he steadied himself, checked on his Oakley sunglasses and won a crucial point against Keegan Bradley.

If the world number one didn't make it on time, the consequences could've been dire for Europe. Two minutes tardy, and the match would've been awarded to his opponent Keegan Bradley. If he was five minutes over due, and he would've been staring disqualification in the face.

A relieved McIlroy told the Belfast Telegraph: "I was just lucky there was a state trooper [Rollins] downstairs who could put the lights on and get me past all the traffic. If we hadn't had them on it would've taken another ten minutes from the highway junction. I've never been as frightened going to a golf course in my life."

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