Stoner Battles On

Crowds Expected

For MotoGP fans down under, one date in the calendar stands out: 28th October 2012. Casey Stoner's last home Grand Prix before his retirement. Two-time champion Stoner will go into his final race at the Phillip Island Circuit backed by record crowds too.

Australian police are bracing themselves for what is expected to rank among the biggest events in MotoGP history. Fans from all over Australia are set to descend on the Phillip Island to witness Oakley pro Stoner's final bow in front of his home crowd. Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO Andrew Westacott told the Herald Sun: "This year's event is shaping up to be the biggest yet."

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Malaysia First?

Meanwhile, Stoner will tread tarmac in his Oakley sunglasses next in Malaysia on 21st October. However, the ever-determined Stoner faces a race to be fit for the race. Having suffered a broken ankle in Indianapolis, Stoner missed eight races before his comeback at the Japanese Grand Prix. The spectre of injury still loomed large though, and the Honda Rider was also struck by arm pump. He appears to have shrugged this off, but doubts remain whether his ankle will recover in time for Malaysia.

"My Honda is more competitive than me at the moment. And yes, the ankle felt worse after three days' riding," Stoner told the press after his fifth-placed finish in Japan. "I've been icing it and I'll ice it again and try to rest it as much as possible to be as good as I can for Malaysia which is going to be a hot weekend."

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