Oakley Tech

The O Appeal

Technical innovation is ever-present throughout every pair of sunglasses Oakley puts out there. It doesn't matter whether it's a fashion-focused frame or an elites sports sunglass. Visual brilliance is a standard feature.

Oakley's advancements over the years haven't gone unnoticed. Across the sporting spectrum, legends have queued up to grab a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Bradley Wiggins, Shaun White, Mark Cavendish, Kevin Pietersen, Rory McIlroy... The list of pro athletes winning in eyewear produced by Oakley goes on and on.

So what makes Oakley sunglasses such a vital piece of equipment to so many elite performers? Well, lens technology is a huge factor. High Definition Optics (HDO) ensures optical precision, meaning objects appear where they're meant to be. Then there's HDPolarised lenses, which Oakley confidently describes as "the best polarised lenses on the planet". And Oakley aren't ones for hollow boasting.

It isn't just those lenses that have become a source of admiration. They're backed up by some impressive frames too. And that stretches across the board too. From O-Matter frames to sunnies carved out of C-5 metal, performance is assured. There's a pair an Oakley sunglass for anybody, anywhere.

Tech Breakdown

Oakley has been setting the standard for others to follow since 1975, and are completely relentless. So much so, that sorting through each technical innovation can be an enduring task. But we persevered. All so that you can see for yourself what gives Oakley sunglasses their edge.

Every time Oakley feels like bring some new epoch-shattering tech our way, we'll also update this section. So you won't just get clued up on Oakley tech. You'll stay clued up.

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