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Shaun White
Airbrake Goggle

Switch, Lock and Load.  Two Oakley greats come together for Oakley's best ever goggle.  Oakley Airbrake is all Oakley and with the Switchlock tech it makes the spare lens actually worth having.  It's so good Shaun White has actually changed his eyewear to a pair of these incredible goggles.

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Oakley Airbrake

The new Oakley Airbrake is probably Oakley’s best ever snow goggle.  What you get is a premium performance goggle with an interchangeable lens that you can actually use.  Oakley tell us that the record for swapping your Airbrake lens is under one second.  That’s thanks to the Oakley Switchlock lens technology.  Switchlock means you can change your view on the ever changing mountain at the flick of a switch.

The Airbrake is such a big deal that snow superstar Shaun White has ended his love affair with Oakley’s A-Frame and is now wearing Airbrake.  In a nutshell, one of the world’s best ever athletes is changing his kit, and that’s never a decision that is made lightly.

If you snowboard or ski you’ll know the mountain has a moody face and it changes at will.  Up there you need the best in clarity, comfort and performance.  No one lens can offer everything for this changing of weatherly mind.  Therefore the array that is Airbrake gives you two lenses, and the option for a perfect performance.

The rigid frame keeps the Airbrake shape and the flexible O-Matter rear chassis keeps everything comfortable and in place.  Oakley XYZ High Definition Optics give the perfect clarity and the increased airflow, F-3 anti fog tech and polar fleece lining that wicks moisture help keep it that way.
Wear Oakley Airbrake with or without a helmet, but wear Oakley Airbrake this snow season.