Paul and Joe Sunglasses

Named after her two sons, Paul and Joe, the brand created by French designer Sophie Albou channels Parisien chic and a style that can be described as definitely French.  Yet for being named after two boys, the Paul and Joe style is fresh and feminine and filled with ditsy, girly prints.  Prints and colours reign in a style that captures the moment so well the likes of Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss have become fans.  Sophie Marceau and Nicole Ritchie are also Paul and Joe people.

It started in 1995 and has grown into a brand for footwear, menswear, there’s a beauty range and a kids' range too.  And of course Paul and Joe designer sunglasses.  And like its creator Paul and Joe is about being active and bubbly where women can mix and match their wardrobe and accessorise at whim.  Sophie Albou loves to travel and regards herself as a strict non-conformist.  For those who share the same ethos then Paul and Joe is a discovery to be made.  Paul and Joe eyewear at Sunglasses Shop.