Police Watches

If all that truly belongs to us is time, then keep yours with Police. These glamorous watches from Police have unique designs with a contemporary and innovative appearance for those of us who wish to express our own personal dynamic and lively characteristics. Filled with eye-catching imprints across the entire range, Police watches are a bold and determined statement for trendy, non-conformist individuals.

Police has always been a brand that represents a personal and unique lifestyle choice and so the designers at Police have come up with a range of watches that varies to cater for your ‘Younique’ personality. Trendy timepieces nestle among traditional watches; edgy multi-dial faces go in company with classic numberless and smooth face features, and roman numerals compliment straight forward numbers in the Police timepiece collection.

But Police Time is not just about the aesthetics of a beautiful accessory for your wrist, the watches are subject to constant research and attention to detail from a technical point of view too. All Police watches are water resistant for atmospheric pressures of 3ATM, 5ATM or 10ATM and as a rule all faces of Police watches are made from stainless steel to prevent staining, corrosion or rust. Fashion and function combine with great elegance in Police watches. It is a testament to the Police manufacturing that a fashion brand designs watches that are capable of withstanding the pressures of up to 300ft under water. The watches also come with a two-year guarantee.

Spend your own time and take the road less travelled with Police Time, the range of watches from the metropolitan brand with a street fashion calling. An original sense of style makes these watches perfect for real people who want to stand out as fashion-lovers; for those who want something ‘Younique’ and real, and from which personal character and flair can shine.