Quiksilver Watches

It started small (just three people and some Velcro straps) but Quiksilver has developed from a 1970s board short company into a multinational apparel and accessory brand. And its philosophy is quite simply youth. Adventurous in its spirit and passionate in its approach; Quiksilver is the surf brand that captures the essence of summer surf. Bold and retro too, the eyewear is hand-made, distortion free and shatter resistant. Ideal for casual wear, ideal for sports. Get on board.

The Quicksilver watches range meticulously combine designer fashion which represents a style of dress as well as producing a reliable and practical wrist watch. Due to the use of its high quality materials made to construct the watch means that Quicksilver watches will certainly be able to stand the test of time.
Quiksilver is credited with the first technical boardshort, but it was as a result of having Velcro rather than zips in stock, that the first velcro flies came about.
Quiksilver has developed from a 1970s boardshort company into a multinational apparel and accessory company grounded in the philosophy of youth.

“Our mission is to become the leading global youth apparel company; to maintain our core focus and roots while bringing our lifestyle message of boardriding, independence, creativity and innovation to this global community.

“Individual expression, an adventurous spirit, authenticity and a passionate approach are all part of young people’s mindset and are the essence of our brands. Combine this with the aesthetic appeal of beaches and mountains, and a connection is established that transcends borders and continents. Include thirty-plus years of quality, innovation and style, and you have Quiksilver.”

And that says it all. Since its birth in that Torquay kitchen (Torquay Australia, that is) Quiksilver has maintained its commitment to performance, style, and endurance and takes this message around the world.

The Quiksilver logo, a cresting wave and snowcapped mountain, represents the Quiksilver mindset and the brand’s history. It comes from the beach and surfing but embraces those other ways where the active seek performance and style.

The Quiksilver story has it all - a global business that was started in a Torquay kitchen; two surfer mates who turned the simple idea of making board shorts into a billion dollar business and who still remain the biggest part of the company.