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Ray-Ban Tech 8312

Up the Ante This New Year With Cutting Edge New Ray-Ban Tech

Whatever your expectations are of the New Year, new kit is the perfect way to get off to a flying start. And back-up from cutting edge technology is perfect. The coveted performance material carbon fibre offers a winning combination of ultra lightweight and durability. Indeed this is one of the greatest strength to weight ratios for any material there is. It also packs impressive flexibility. It's harnessed Ray-Ban Tech for the sunglasses world and cut into this slick wrap. Monoblock hinges are installed to the frame without welding making them extra resistant to wear and tear. The lenses put a fight too toughened up by an intense chemical hardening process. 

Be Unexpected With a Twist of Colour

8312 Dark Carbon 127/81 Polarised

Ray-Ban Tech family is not just about its impressive practical capabilities. It has innovated its own serious styling too. With ultra sleek styling; Ray-Ban's slimmest wrap temples bear sophisticated trendy micro detail providing you with smart subtle disitinction. This detail is also showcased at the nosebridge. This effect is a seriously trendy one right now. Its an effect that Ray-Ban Tech has sported it for years and the rest are just catching up.

Playing it sporty and getting tip top tech doesn't mean that you can't keep it classic. The brown lens and temple version allows. 

Choose from a variety of fine colour ways...

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