VanCamp Goes Casual

Revenge co-stars Josh Bowman and Emily VanCamp are used to being in the public eye. Especially as they're a couple off-screen too. They're often seen out and about looking like a celeb couple should, with Ray-Ban sunglasses in tow. However, VanCamp recently revealed that she feels at her best away from the spotlight when she's not glammed up. And best of all, Bowman prefers her that way too.

"I'm at my most confident when I'm in nature and I don't have to dress up. When I take off my makeup, that's my boyfriend's favourite," the 26 year-old starlet told Women's Health magazine. "And that, to me, is a symbol of a great guy-- someone who doesn't care about all that stuff."

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But even when VanCamp does decide to go casual, she's still a fashionista at heart-- as recent pics in the Daily Mail show. Simply by donning the classic Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster along with a casual combo of blue striped jumper and skinny jeans, she casts a stylish shadow.

These retro Wayfarer sunglasses amplify any look their unique retro charm. The chunky acetate browline teams up with a rimless lower half to form that instantly-recognisable outline. Other tell-tale signs mark the 3016 Clubmaster as a pair of Ray-Bans. We are, of course, talking about the Ray-Ban emblem etched on the lens and those retro pin hinges.

A polished finish also sets these Wayfarers apart as a true classic. It really isn't any wonder they're a key frame in VanCamp's wardrobe...

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