Retro Super Future Sunglasses

Italian styling with German Zeiss lenses, Super by RetroSuperFuture are somewhat of a phenomenon.

Daniel and Simon Beckerman, publishers of PIG Magazine, the most prestigious independent music and fashion magazine in Italy, are the men behind Super by RetroSuperFuture when they saw that nobody was having fun with eyewear anymore. In the big designer brands' eyewear they saw none of the fun that was put into the clothing.  It was blacks, greys and tortoisehells.  Where was the expression?

And so in 2007 RetroSuperFuture, or Super as it is known, was created.  Taking, among many things, fleamarkets for inspiration.  Sean Belochini, a man who changed his sunglasses with his mood, joined for added inspiration and with the home of RetroSuperFuture being in Italy, the stage was set.

The big-hitters saw RetroSuperFuture and the mass of colour that was being produced and followed suit, such was the influence of the great collection.  The fashion world saw it and saw as a little bit better than everthing else around and a cult following was the reward for RetroSuperFuture.

80s, retro and acetate for the best colour and shape in sunglasses, RetroSuperFuture are the must have sunglasses brand of the moment.  Look to the future, it's retro.