Roxy Watches

Surf wear legend Quiksilver had already made its name as definitive surfers brand recognised world wide. It then began a new chapter in surf wear and created Roxy in 1990, a line solely for active ladies. Swimwear was to be the first venture. It was a major success and Roxy was to flourish into an extensive brand to rival Quiksilver and that would also play a major part in promoting women’s surfing worldwide.

The brand would turn its attention to sportswear next. In 1992, denim and snowwear were added into the mix. Roxy had revolutionised the female sports market by being the first brand to cater to the lady alone. The Roxy ladies boardshort would really put the brand at the top of its game. Produced in 1994, a more slim line, more feminine solution to boardshorts, Roxy set a new trend that is the standard for ladies that surf or just simply soak up the sun. That same year, Roxy's Pro team took to the waves fronted by World Champion Lisa Anderson. Today, the Boardrider's Team has developed into an accomplished pro women's surfing team that is renowned worldwide. Members include: Megan Abubo, Chelsea Georgeson, Veronica Kay, Kassia Meador, Kula Barbieto, Carissa Moore, and reigning world champ Sofia Mulanovich. It was not long before Roxy organised its own surfing event in collaboration with Quiksilver. It still takes place today and one of the most anticipated events on the ASP World Championship calendar. Roxy enjoyed the success so much that they did not stop there. A whole string of events worldwide including the Roxy Pro Fiji, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast in Australia, and the Roxy Jam UK would emerge. The Roxy Pro Women's Surf Festival in Australia would be one of the biggest World Qualifying Series events on the tour. A series of amateur surf contests for young surfers further nurtures talent.

It’s safe to say Roxy keeps it real, being the biggest sponsor of women’s surfing on the planet. As it helps expand women’s surfing, its own brand broadens too. Accessories added to its repertoire in the mid nineties were footwear and watches. Roxy Girl came next year and catered for 7-16 year olds. Roxy debuted at New York Fashion week at The Girl's Rule Show in 1996, taking its design cred to the next level. That year Roxy was also nominated for the "California Rising Star Award" for its creative design. The snowline was introduced in 1997 and Teenie Wahine, the brands children’s line.

In 1999 the Roxy experience was brought to jewellery, bags, backpacks, skate gear, and Roxy Room which offers bedding and lamps. The brand tackled snowboards head on in 2003 in collaboration with Mervin Manufacturing. Roxy knows no bounds and added literature to its oeuvre releasing 'Luna Bay'. a collection of fiction for girls. A toddler line was also introduced in 2005. Roxy then took its talents to screen. The brand collaborated with MTV and "Surf Girls", was broadcast debuting in 2003. Roxy rider Heidi Drazich was cast in the highly popular series. Roxy Ski was then launched. Ever expanding its sponsorship of events Roxy would introduce The Roxy Chicken Jams debuted 2004. This is a series of all-girls pro snowboarding events taking place in Innsbruck, Austria and Park City, Utah. For swim, surf and snow Roxy is the number one brand for women.

Olympic snowboarding gold medallist Torah Bright has been sponsored by Roxy since 13 years of age. Bright is regarded as the most advanced female snowboarder to date. Following the Roxy mantra that touches all its products, the watches are "Fun, Bold, Athletic, Daring and Classy". The Roxy Watches collection emphasises all of Roxy's qualities that they pride themselves in as a designer.

The Roxy brand conveys an image of uniqueness and diversity. The watches collection demonstrates all of these characteristics, with the use of colour, energy and imagery. It sets the products aside from any other and allows Roxy to stand alone.