Rudy Project Sunglasses

It’s simple. Rudy Project stands for technically cool sports eyewear. Its science, design and performance began life back in the mid 80s in Treviso, Italy with the aim to define technological advances in eyewear. But if you need glasses, not just sunglasses, Rudy is known for providing the best prescription solutions for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts around the world too. An array of technology goes into Rudy to make life better for the sporting men and women who wear it. And their Impact X lenses is guaranteed unbreakable for life. That really is a very long time for eyewear.

Originally founded in Treviso by Rudy Barbazza, the brand remains a family affair today. Rudy Project also stands out in that it remains one of the few completely independent eyewear brands.

It began with a focus on the technical as it manufactured goggles, helmets and sports eyewear. The sheer style of the products meant that the brand found a broader following that sought them for their style and not just for that inimitable sports flair. However, the brand has stuck to its guns. The brands vision is still in line with its heritage; 'sports are our world, this is where we were born and this is where we need to grow'. Rudy Project continues to strive to find new ways to present the very best products. For Rudy Project only the best will do and the brand declare proudly; 'the top step of the podium is our place'.

Rudy Project eyewear boasts an array of innovative performance enhancers such as air systems, air channels, vent controllers, flex hinges, customisation and multi-performance elastic straps.

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