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We are an authorised dealer for every brand and we really couldn’t have become the market leader by selling counterfeit goods. We did this through hard work and great customer service. We buy all our products straight from the manufacturers. Some sites, such as Oakley and Ray-Ban will have us listed as a genuine dealer. It’s our relationships with the manufacturers that means we are able to bring you the best in the sunglasses industry.
We also have a High Street store where the brands come and visit us all the time. All the products come with a warranty (it’s often a year but can be more) and if you really are worried then you can always give us a ring. We have absolutely nothing to hide and will help you if you need any questions answering.

Safe and Secure

We know that the most important thing when you buy from us is that your details are safe. We want you to feel comfortable with every click and confident when it comes to payment. That’s why we use the very latest 256 bit SSL encryption and authentication from Verisign, considered the most trusted mark of security on the internet today. And all payments are made using sage pay who, at Level 1, meets the highest requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Most people worry about internet fraud but the worry is greater than the actual occurrence so we want you to feel entirely confident using our website, and that our website is trustworthy and your details will be safe. Our 256 bit SSL encrypts any information that goes between us and you. The encryption process scrambles all the information sent so that only we can decode it with our unique key. The greater the SSL, the greater the size of the key needed to decode it – it’s like having a longer password – and the 256 bit SSL that we use is the best available. Every time you send us some information a unique key is created that only we can decode, so you can be sure that only Sunglasses Shop receives any information that you send. Verisign also authenticates our site so you can be confident that when you visit us, it us that you are visiting Sunglasses Shop.

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