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Sunglasses of the month 2015 Oakley X Metal Collection

Incredible New Oakley Madman and Badman

Why You Can’t Ignore a Madman in the Room

Madman is fascinating isn’t it? It took years of effort and HUNDREDS of revisions to get it right… hundreds…

But to fully understand just how much goes into something as striking as these Oakley sunglasses, well, read on.

Madman comes straight from the legacy of the coveted X-metal collection - remember the ground-breaking looks of Oakley’s Over The Top?  Or Oakley Juliet? You can see The Over the Top story right there, in those superb round temples…

Obsession is what Oakley say it is. Here’s why:

• Lightweight diecast aluminium is fused with Oakley’s O-Matter for the frame material; nosepieces are sandblasted into shape; every curve is pored over; spring hinges are custom engineered (so too is the assembly of each joint).

• And at the very end each model is hand polished to Oakley’s atmospherically high standards.

• Each lens is cut from the same sheet, so the polarisation lines up perfectly across both eyes. 

• Some models have Prizm lenses (more on Prizm below)...

But still, Madman is not for everyone… only 1,000 or so have been made across the whole of Europe

It’s very, very limited.  We have less than 100.  And we’re one of the biggest.

Badman is tamer though…squarer, the same technology is packed in.  All that same obsession.  But with every day wearability.

Both come with free delivery; both come with free returns.  And you can return them up to a year later.

When it came to these sunglasses 3D models were made, were refined and refined again – well before a single drop of metal was cast.  Add the free delivery and free returns and all the hard work has been done in getting these to you. Just pick your colour...

A quick word to the wise though, with limited edition stock it’s harder to reorder.

Choose to buy today, risk free, because you can always return it for free later.

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Oakley Madman X metal collection Sunglasses at Sunglasses Shop

Oakley Madman Dark Carbon Polarised

Innovation: Bold and progressive designs that truly stand alone and build on the original X-Metal collection. Madman and Badman set new standards for sunglasses design innovation.

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Oakley Badman X Ti Polarised

One Obsession: Oakley’s design and engineering teams have obsessed over every detail, from hinges and joint assembly to frame material that fuses aluminium with Oakley’s tough O-Matter curves.


X Metal Collection Sunglasses at Sunglasses Shop

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Sunglasses of the month 2015 X Metal Collection

The legacy:  Oakley's legandary X-Metal
frame - Over the Top

Sunglasses of the month 2015 X Metal Collection

The O-Matter bridge combines with three-point
fit to hold frame snugly in place touching just
three parts of your head.

Sunglasses of the month 2015 X Metal Collection

The best lens ever made? Click below for
more on Oakley Prizm...

Sunglasses of the month 2015 X Metal Collection

Madman and Badman available with 
Prizm lenses