Sunpocket Sunglasses

Foldable sunglasses have been around longer than you might think. In fact, French innovators Sunpocket began churning them in the late 1970s. They instantly gained a cult among Alpine adventurers yearning for stylish sunglasses with a practical edge.

It wasn't just the ski community who fell for Sunpocket's affordable folding sunglasses either. Surfers craving sunnies they could wear out on the water also took to Sunpocket sunglasses. Sunpocket's success continued throughout the 1980s, before the brand eventually disappeared all together. However, their popularity remained strong. So strong in fact, that Sunpocket were finally relaunched by new Swedish owner Jacob Hoglund in 2011.

Since reforming, Sunpocket have made a bigger impact than ever before. Their quality craftsmanship, unique styling and functionality have found a new audience today. Vivacious colourways dominate the new collection, and there's innovative technology to match. "Unbreakable" polycarbonate lenses are the ultimate example of this. Their shielding abilities ensure eyes remain protect from any ballistic threats or heavy falls.

Sunpocket has also worked behind the scenes to craft their own "all-weather lens". It's granite colour has been developed to keep vision sharp wherever you roam. Sunpocket has captured their sporting heritage in the frames they've produced too. Skilfully carved from ultra-light grilamid, Sunpocket frames are all about providing both comfort and durability. With their stunning combination of both tech and style, you can always rely on Sunpocket sunglasses. They make light work of any challenge without compromising style.