The Beatles Yellow Submarine Collection 

Revolution Eyewear bring sunglasses into a whole new realm with it's latest project. The realm of Beatlemania that is, and the first stop is Pepperland. 

The Beatles Eyewear range brings the imagery of the Beatles phenomenon to sunglasses for a unique experience especially for the Beatles fan. For the first collection, the fantastical musical animation Yellow Submarine is the inspiration. 

Written at the height of sixties psychedelia The is a favourite amongst all ages continuing to delight as more and more experience it anew since it's release in 1968. The soundtrack features such Beatles classics as All You Need is Love, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, A Day in the Life, Nowhere Man, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart's Club Band and of course, the Ringo Starr vocal led ditty which weave in throughout the film and it's imagery.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine sunglasses feature beautiful multi-layered acetate interiors in which the iconic animation from the film unfolds. The colourful landscapes and caricatures of the Fab Four also let loose on the cases and cleaning cloths. Those distinctive much loved psychedelic graphics applied to sunglasses make for fun and nostalgic eyewear, just the thing for combating Blue Meanies.

Classic frame shapes such as the wayfarer, aviator and high glam oversized are given a striking twist in the tale with the adored illustrations. Several designs feature a guitar pick detail at the temple adding an especially quirky flourish to your frame; the perfect decoration for the music lover. The Beatles signature at the temple flies the flag for this phenomenal band and it's unmatched legacy in this official eyewear collection. Great for the Beatlemaniac young and old, the Beatles Eyewear collection is the perfect way to look cool and stand out in classic styles and give a little nod to the Fab Four.

Sunglasses Shop look forward to future collections which will show more iconic artwork and imagery from the legendary Beatles.

Give your Beatlemania some unique expression with this funky new homage to one of the greatest bands of all time.